What is Emoji in WordPress? Meaning of Emoji

Emoji means picture character. They are used to denote different emotions and symbols. Emojis are very popular and can be used in posts and pages to increase their appeal. WordPress supports emojis. In different environments, users have to use emojis in a different manner in the blog post/page editor: Mac users can insert an emoji […]

How I Increase Blog Traffic? Exact Steps That I Follow to Increase My Blog Traffic

Back in 2007, I started blogging and it was a complete self-learning process that I did myself. Right from setting up the domain name, the web hosting, the blog design, the WordPress plugins and I started writing, writing and writing. Over a period of time, I realized that blogging can be turned into the bigger […]

Unbelievable Steps to Make a Professional WordPress Blog

Already have a WordPress blog? Looking to make it into a professional looking WordPress blog? Being professional is the key to showcase a brand either a “product” or “personally yourself”. In fact, the world believes and admires professionalism. It helps to build trust between your blog and its visitors. In this article, I will take […]

The Correct Way to Enable Error Logs in Your WordPress Blog

Errors in WordPress are common almost everytime you do something with your blog. You may be installing a plugin or setting up something with your WordPress theme, suddenly you will be ending up with an annoying error. This happens to every WordPress user, not just you and me. Depending on the complexity of the problem, you […]

[Solved] How to Fix Stylesheet is Missing Error In WordPress?

When it comes to WordPress errors, most of the time you will be confused on what to do. You do a lot of Google search and finally, end up trying different things to fix the error. This not just happens to you and me, it happens with every WordPress blogger around. Now let us come […]

Without Plugin, How to Add & Order Links in WordPress Sidebar?

The sidebar in your WordPress blog is one of the key spots where you can place many important things right from advertisements, links to key pages. It is required to show your strength from the sidebar. Further, you have to keep an ordered list of links so that your blog readers will find the most […]

In Few Clicks How to Clear Cache in Your WordPress Blog?

Caching your WordPress blog is a mandatory step in order to speed up the loading time. There are a lot of WordPress plugins available in the official plugin directory. Few to mention are the W3 Total Cache, WP Rocket, WP Super Cache plugins which are the best plugins and in fact, they are used in […]

The Inside Look of SiteGround Cache Plugin (SG Optimizer)

When it comes to WordPress cache, there are a lot of plugins available in the market. In fact, you will be confused to decide which cache plugin to use in order to speed up your blog. You will be hearing from other folks that, use W3 Total Cache, WP Super Cache, WP Rocket etc. plugins. […]

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