Art of Making a Better Blog Design using WordPress

Nowadays, designing a blog is really simple. When I started 7 years back, there were very less help available about blog setup. At that time, I decided to start this blog to speak about blogging. Later, my focus was changed a lot more about blogging. When it comes to blog design, you cannot please everyone. However, in terms of […]

5 Simple Tips for Effective Marketing using your WordPress Blog

Now your WordPress blog is ready, launched well and good. Yes, the next step is doing an effective marketing to promote your business to the right audience using WordPress. This is the right place to learn some marketing tips and also I will be showing you a checklist of what you are going to do? […]

What is Post in WordPress? Steps to Write Your First Blog Post

A post is a type of content in WordPress. It is the “article” that you publish on your blog. Usually, posts are listed in chronological order with the latest post on the top. Readers can add comments to posts. As an administrator, you can either enable/disable comments for a post. You can add media files (images, […]

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