Why BlashO ? My Story

Blogging is all about “sharing”, “caring” and “fun”. It gives us a platform to share our knowledge on whatever we love to the entire world.

We are given the full freedom-to-blog.

Back in 2008, I started blogging only as a hobby. Even after so many years, there are not much changes in the basics of blogging. Though, there are lot of technical changes that are always expected in any industry.

Just like everyone else, I was looking for a free way to create a blog. Obviously, I landed with Blogger and I was excited at that time, when I created my first blog. It all started without any specific intention. Later, things went different when I came to know that I can make some money from blogging.

The focus changed. The intention changed.

I started putting lot of time and energy on my first blog. Initially, I spend 2-3 hours per week. Later, I started spending 1-2 hours per day. All these happened without any realization, I thought I could build a business out of it or atleast, a side income in life. I worked for my blog for almost 8 months.

One fine day, when I logged into my Blogger account. I found that my blog was put into suspended state. Yes, it got suspended. I could not figure out what happened to it. If I remember, when I contacted Blogger, I didn’t get proper reasons for the suspension.

Imagine, after spending hours of time everyday for almost 8 months, that too going for a full-time job – I was totally put into trouble. That was really painful.

When I explored more, I found its not only me, there are lot of other people who had faced that same problem. This is not just with Blogger platform, it had happened with most of the free blog hosting platforms. I am not blaming it.

After losing almost 8 months of hard work, I realized the “problem-in-free”.

On the first day, If I had registered for a self-hosted blog then may be I might not have suffered.

The point is simple: If you are starting your first blog then go for a self-hosted blog using WordPress.

If you are not aware, WordPress.org is an open-source blogging platform used to setup self-hosted blogs.

With a self-hosted blog:

  • You are the owner of your blog.
  • You own all the content that you produce.
  • There’s no one to suspend your blog and your work.
  • You can do whatever want with your blog, you get full-freedom.
  • You can grow your new blog into a full-time business, in future.
  • Or, you can use your blog to achieve your personal/online goals in life.

That’s why I created BlashO, and outlined the entire blog creation process for beginners like you.

Here in BlashO, I also cover all the topics only related to Blogging, WordPress.

Follow my steps, “save all your hard work” and “achieve your goals”.

Originally, BlashO went live on Feb, 2009 under the domain name eMoneyMakingOnline.com that dominated the “Money Making Online” keyword during 2010-11. Later, in the mid of 2012 I re-branded this blog as BlashO.com in order to build a professional brand name.

Basically, I am an experienced software developer coding since my childhood(’96). I also realized that “I should work only on what I know” and started doing software development also.

Few of my other online projects:

  • AffiLinker, a WordPress based premium plugin that helps bloggers to increase blog income.
  • I also develop Android Apps and hosted under the brand name Joodio on Google Play Store. As of today, my Apps crossed 300K+ downloads.
  • I also own Joodio, a gadget blog which covers reviews on Latest Smartphones, Tablet PCs etc. and related technology news.

Till today, I am working part-time on all these online projects.

There are lot of hard work done (and doing) everyday on the background to bring BlashO.com like, what you are seeing today.

I also scraped all my niche web sites that were set to make some quick money online.

Originally, it took 2 years for me to hit 1,000 visitors per day to this blog. Later, I took a break for next 2+ years and lost almost all of the blog’s traffic.

Today, I am back and more focused to achieve my goal of driving atleast 2K+ blog visitors per day.

Let me introduce…I am Ven Tesh (aka. Venkatesh) from India.

Come, let’s grow with me…

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