What is Slug in WordPress? Meaning of Slug

A slug is the name or a set of words for the URL of a web page. WordPress creates slugs for all posts and pages based on the title. These slugs can be edited by you to make it user-friendly and SEO optimized.

For example, if you create a post – ‘6 Must See Places in India’ the slug would be 6-must-places-to-see-in-india. As you can see, WordPress converts all alphabets to lowercase, replaces spaces with dashes and removes special characters.

The slug will be visible in the URL when somebody visits your blog.What is Slug in WordPress?

The slug can be edited to make it easier to access and remember. For the above example, you can perhaps change the slug to ‘India-Must-See-Places’.

You can edit a slug for a post or page as you are creating the page or post:

  • If the Permalinks are enabled, the permalink will have the default slug and the ‘Edit’ button next to the permalink can be used to modify the slug as shown in the below screenshot:Slug edit option in WordPress
  • The slug name can also be changed using the ‘Quick Edit’ button below a post, as shown in the below screenshot:

Slugs can be changed for categories and tags as well by clicking on ‘Categories’ or ‘Tags’ and clicking on the ‘Edit or ‘Quick Edit’ link just below the category names or tag names.

It is important to keep slug names relevant, consistent and easy-to-read for users and to keep relevant “keywords” for search engines (as the URL of your web page will be shown on search engine results page).

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