What is Page in WordPress? Meaning of Page

A Page is a static web page on your WordPress blog. It is used to publish a content that is not regularly updated or remains static or has limited text. Generally, content such as ‘About Company’ or ‘Privacy Policy’ are published as Pages.

You can add a new page to your WordPress blog by clicking on the Pages – Add New link as follows:Add new page in WordPress

Further, you can edit a page in two modes:

  • The HTML mode shows the content where you can directly change the source code of the web page.
  • The Visual mode shows the content formatted in a WYSIWYG format. You can add any type of content such as media (image, YouTube videos etc.), shortcodes or even payment buttons into the body of a page.

What is Page in WordPress?A page can be set as a homepage under Settings – Reading. That means the homepage will be a static page instead of a usual blog type page.

For example, here at BlashO I have setup the homepage as a static page instead of the default homepage where I have showcased many kinds of stuff on it.change default homepage

Pages are hierarchical.

That means you can create parent page and classify several other pages as sub-pages under the parent page. The page hierarchical order can be set up using the Page Attributes section by picking the Parent page as follows:Page attributes for parent page setup

There are page templates available in WordPress that can be used to set up the look and feel of a specific page. The templates are dependent on your WordPress theme.

  • For example, the Avada theme or the Elegant theme has a lot of options available to easily change the look and feel of a static page based on your own requirements.
  • The above screenshot shows the Template selected as “100% Width”.

Similar to blog posts widgets, you can also add a Widget to the sidebar of a page. In fact, you can customize the sidebar design specific to each page which gives you more freedom to design pages.

In short, Pages are static web pages on a WordPress blog which are less frequently changed.

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