5 Simple Tips for Effective Marketing using your WordPress Blog

Now your WordPress blog is ready, launched well and good. Yes, the next step is doing an effective marketing to promote your business to the right audience using WordPress. This is the right place to learn some marketing tips and also I will be showing you a checklist of what you are going to do? for marketing using WordPress blog.

The following are the checklist for doing an effective WordPress blog marketing in order to achieve your blogging goals.Using WordPress blog for marketing

Tip #1 – First look, create a stunning landing page keeping your “goal” in mind.

The face of your WordPress blog is the home page. Effective marketing starts from your WordPress blogs home page. It should look great, interactive and importantly the content focusing your audience in the right direction.

Right direction in the sense, it should have the call-to-action.

  • A call-to-action to achieve your goal.
  • For example, if you want to capture the email of your reader then place a subscription box. Or if you want to sell a product, link to your order page.

You must highlight and link to the important pages of your site from the homepage. Your home page should reflect your WordPress blogs goal. Keep in mind, textual information is as important as images, YouTube videos. Don’t dump your landing page with too much of keywords.

I use the Avada theme to create landing pages, it’s easy to do without touching any source code.

Keep it simple, that’s the powerful marketing!

Tip #2 – Importance of having “focused” content with appropriate communication/modulation.

It is true that quality content is the master of effectively marketing involving an appropriate communication to your visitors and thereby building trust.

Content gives a reason for the visitors to visit your WordPress blog. It gives the reason for the visitors to come back to your WordPress blog again and again.

Graphical design attracts the visitors but when they are not able to find useful content, what happens?

Bad impression. You may lose your visitors.

It is important to be focused on what you want to achieve from your WordPress blog.

Communicate appropriately with your audience:

  • show the problem
  • speak about their pain
  • finally, offer the solution

This way, your visitors will be able to understand your goals better and they will also “feel” that you have the better solution for them.

Most of the time, marketing has to be simple!

Tip #3 – Comfortable blog navigation, use the right WordPress theme.

Make your WordPress blog easy to navigate. Give your visitors the full freedom to navigate around your blog.

Show your best blog posts.

You can link them from the sidebar by creating a simple blogroll.

Keep the number of links in every single page/post to a restricted number (under 70 links).

I use the Avada theme, it has all the necessary options to customize the design according to my needs without touching the source code. Also, make sure your blog is loading faster.

I use SiteGround WordPress hosting (review) and Maxcdn for better serving the content to readers as fast as possible. Every millisecond counts, even if you are able to save few 100 milliseconds, it directly affects the visitor experience about your blog.

Always, make sure the right information is shown to the visitors, in fact, Google webmaster guideline states the same:

Give visitors the information they’re looking for

Provide high-quality content on your pages, especially your homepage. This is the single most important thing to do. If your pages contain useful information, their content will attract many visitors and entice webmasters to link to your site. In creating a helpful, information-rich site, write pages that clearly and accurately describe your topic. Think about the words users would type to find your pages and include those words on your site.

Tip #4 – E-mail marketing, offer a “free value” to visitors & ask them to subscribe.

Offer free e-mail subscription to your blog.

This makes you communicate with your readers anytime. By just sending out a post via email series makes them come back to your blog.

Create a subscription form and ask the users for free sign up – offer a value “free”.

For example, a free ebook relevant to the readers. In my case, I have offered to download my WordPress plugin free. It also helps to notify the users, regarding the sale offers or festival offers in your WordPress blog.

I use Mailchimp, its free up to 2000 e-mail subscribers.

Tip #5 – Track the visitors to understand their behavior.

Tracking the visitors helps to identify, what visitors are doing, after coming to your WordPress blog.

Integrate Google Analytics, if you have not done already. It’s really simple to integrate into your WordPress blog. Do a periodic review of the historic data and alter your marketing steps accordingly.

Learn to create goals using Google Analytics, using goals you can see whether the visitors are taking a particular action on a page or not.

It shows a lot of insights like,

  • the source page from where the action is taken
  • the traffic source either from a search engine or a social network site
  • the percentage of goal conversion and also, you can setup the cost of reaching each goal…
  • refer to the help here.

You can also install the heatmap WordPress plugin to better understand visitor behavior, its free.


For any kind of WordPress blog depending on your blogging goal, you need the best marketing strategy. Have these points as a checklist, to ensure that you have implemented on your WordPress blog.

To summarize:

  • First, keep your blogging goal in mind
  • Design your landing page (homepage/product page etc.) focusing towards the goal
  • Convey the right information to your audience with an appropriate communication/modulation
  • Offer a free value and capture the visitor’s e-mail for sending a series of emails targetting your goal
  • Track your visitor’s behavior by setting goals using Google Analytics and use a heatmap plugin too

Always keep this simple marketing rule in mind, “focus the targeted audience with a solution to their problem”.

Good luck!

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