What is Maintenance Mode in WordPress? How to Enable It?

Sometimes your WordPress blog needs to remain inaccessible to users and customers. It can be due to blog upgrade, the addition of new features or to address a technical issue or any other business issues. During these times, rather than giving the user an error page when they try to access, your WordPress blog can be set up in maintenance mode. The visitors can be shown with a maintenance page.

During this time, it is important that registered authorized users or only the administrators can access the front end and backend as they might be working on the matter in hand.

Consider the case where you want to do a major upgrade to your WordPress blog, for example, you want to upgrade to a new theme. In such cases, you can enable the maintenance mode and any visitor coming to your blog will see the maintenance page only. As an administrator, when you login to the dashboard you will be able to browse your blog without any issues.Whatis Maintenance Mode in WordPress? How to Enable it?

There are a lot of WordPress plugins available in the market to enable maintenance mode on your WordPress blog.

WP maintenance mode is one of the simplest with all the most required features in order to enable maintenance mode.

Using this plugin, you can:

  • customize the look and feel of the maintenance mode page
  • show a countdown timer that tells how long your blog will be under maintenance mode
  • disable maintenance mode on certain URLs that means, you can still allow visitors to certain pages on your blog
  • show an email subscription box so that your visitors shall get notified once your blog is back to online mode etc.

In short, maintenance mode is the time where your blog visitors will be shown with an under maintenance page, only the administrator (you) can see and work on your blog as a champion.

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