What is Landing Page in WordPress? How to Easily Create it?

A landing page is a web page that is no way different from any web page. Landing pages are created to target a specific audience or launch a new product or service. The purpose of a landing page can be anything from capturing eyeballs, a promotional campaign or redirecting visitors to the main page.

It is a marketing tool.What is Landing Page?

Your site can have any number of landing pages. There are easy ways to create landing pages:

  • Manual development – Write code for a custom page. Modify the PHP files to make it to a landing page. Reference here.
  • Using Plugins – There are many plugins available to create landing pages. One of the free plugin is Landing Pages.
  • Using Themes – Many WordPress themes have the functionality to build a landing page. For example, Avada theme has functionalities to build elegant landing pages with a host of features such as templates, drag and drop feature, mobile-friendly design etc.

There are premium services also available in the market.

The key features that you should look for while selecting a solution for landing pages are:

  1. Responsive design – viewable on any screen size
  2. Easy-to-build – drag-and-drop builders similar to Avada theme
  3. Split testing – allows you to create multiple landing page versions for A/B testing + optimizations

I use Avada theme for landing page creation, it is simple yet powerful.

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